The state of Illinois is requiring every school to administer a survey to students, parents and teachers.  Please click on the link below and provide us your feedback.  
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The Warrior Pride Banner hangs in the atrium of MES when we have had a peaceful school day.  A peaceful school day is defined as a day where there have been no acts of physical aggression with intent to harm.  Below you can monitor our progress throughout the school year towards our targets.  

Days in a Row: 15           Target Days in a Row:  45
                 Total Days Up: 130            Target Total Days Up:  165
                                      Discipline Data

Our Vision: To become an iconic elementary school.

Our Staff Mission:

 We will reach for the stars to ensure that every student will be successful. We will empower students by providing a nurturing environment, building genuine relationships, and 
continuously improving our academic program.  
Our Core Values: 

  Respect, Caring, Compassion, Commitment, Continuous Improvement,

  Achievement, Encouragement, Perseverance, Dedication, and Believing                     
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Principal: Mrs. Laura Walker 
1015 Filmore Street

Metropolis, IL 62960

Phone (618) 524-4821 ext. 206
Fax (618) 524-2352

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We are an official CATCH Program School 

Coordinated Approach to Child Health

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