Welcome to Metropolis Elementary School

Daily Health Screening

If you do not have children in our school, disregard this message.

We are asking parents to help us with our required daily health screenings. Please take a minute to complete this health screening for your student prior to sending them to school today. If they are not scheduled for in-person instruction today (Group A), you do not need to complete this form. Instructions are included at the top of the form. Thank you!

Please use the link below:

Metropolis Elementary School Health Screening Form: https://forms.gle/NNKb2pcaNHSXy2uU7

Our Vision: To become an iconic elementary school.

Our Staff Mission: We will reach for the stars to ensure that every student will be successful. We will empower students by providing a nurturing environment, building genuine relationships, and continuously improving our academic program.

Our Core Values: Respect, Caring, Compassion, Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Achievement, Encouragement, Perseverance, Dedication, and Believing

The Warrior Pride Banner hangs in the atrium as a source of pride and a reminder to the students. The Warrior Pride Banner stands for the "Big Two" rules we have at MES:

1. Keep our hands, feet, and all other objects to ourselves

2. Treat others the way you want to be treated


*Do your part to make your school and community better

*Be honest and trustworthy *Follow rules

*Respect the rights of others

*Take responsibility for your actions

*Respect authority

*Show compassion to other