MES Classrooms

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Brittany Weatherford

1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

Special and Fine Art Teachers

Art - Kortney Kennedy

Computers - Mike Woods

Music / Band - Krista Kennedy

Physical Education - Sara Partridge

Special Education

Brooke Crim

Stacy Locke

Leah Leonard

Jill Herndon

Kathy Herring

Kristina Cromeenes - School Psychologist

Renea McDowell - Special Education

Deborah Wede - Special Education

Crystal Smith - RTI

Robbin Thompson - RTI

Stacy Westbrooks - Speech

Special Education Aides

Addison Burkhead

Amber Holley

Kim Sullivan

Tammie Weatherford

Andrea Riley

Holly Bankenbaker

Lucas Raye

Cheryl Hoyer

Courtney Clark

Melissa Glidden

Cathy Kennedy

Susan Quattlebaum


Leslie Armstrong

Lynsie Jacobs

Lori Gray

Angie Kennedy - Secretary Pre K

Jennifer Angelly - Pre K Teacher

Kandace Foster - Pre K Aide

Leslee Jeffords - Pre K Teacher

Shelby Glidden Pre K Aide


Susan Flannery

Lourie Glass

Rachel Henson - Nurse